Mini Project AC Lamp Blinker Using Timer 555

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AC Lamp Blinker Using Timer 555

Price: ₹2,499


A circuit that may blink a succession of bulbs at a specific time interval for ornamental purposes. We can create a series of bulbs seem lovely for outdoor decorating in Cafeterias, Restaurants, etc. by regulating the flashing time interval and sequence, so here I have given a simple and low-cost effective method, which can also be made for less than a dollar. We simply need a few readily available components to complete this project. This project’s circuit comprises of a potentiometer that controls the flashing speed of the AC bulb or LED chain lights. You may also look at the AC dimmer circuit, which, when paired with this one, can not only flash the AC bulbs but can also control its intensity.

Hardware used

  • IC LM555
  • Optocoupler Moc 3021
  • Triac Bt134 / bt 136 / bt139
  • Resistance 100 k
  • Resistance 220 ohms
  • Resistance 470 ohms
  • LED 5mm
  • Ac bulb 60w/100 w/ 200 w / 500w
  • Capacitor 100 uf/ 25
  • Pot (VC) 470k
  • Some jumper wire,
  • USB cable, mobile charger
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