Mini Project Alcohol detector using Arduino

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Alcohol detector using Arduino

Price: ₹2,699


This project is about alcohol detection for automobile locking systems. This project promotes general public safety and road safety in particular. In this project ,an attempt will be made to develop a locking system for cars so it would not start without alcohol checking mechanism. Here we are using Alcohol sensor. The project is intended for granting a base start for further explorations in the future. This project aimed at the exiting efforts of accidents prevention system developments, in hope of implementing it in the real life to increase roads safety. Alcohol sensor to detect gas leakage . To read alcohol sensor’s output, furthermore, the microcontroller will act accordingly in response to the detected alcohol percentage by controlling the DC motors (either stop or run) and visually indicating its status.

Hardware used

  • Arduino UNO
  • Alcohol detector
  • Arduino shield fromJLCPCB
  • Alcohol Sensor (MQ3)
  • Resistor 10K
  • Resistor 1K
  • 16×2 LCD
  • Power Supply
  • 10k POT
  • LED
  • LM358
  • Burgstips
  • Push button
  • Buzze
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