Student-Project-Android Controlled Robot Car using NodeMCU via Bluetooth​

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Android Controlled Robot Car using NodeMCU via Bluetooth​

Price: ₹5,899


Robotic automobiles are now developing using wireless technologies. Robotics wireless technology begins with Bluetooth, WI-FI, and Zigbee communication. They installed communication in Projects based on the requirement and application. In addition, there are various android applications in the Play store for controlling a robot automobile. Arduino Blue Control is a popular app utilised in this project; it has many features such as buttons and sliders, accelerometers, terminals, arrow keys, metrics, and voice control. We can link a larger number of Robotic Cars to control them using Bluetooth technology, which is particularly handy for surveillance applications. Now that indoor localization technologies are being developed, we can deploy this sort of Bluetooth-controlled Robotic Car.

Hardware used

  • Nodemcu esp32 controller
  • DC Motors
  • Motor Driver L293D
  • 9 Volt Battery

Software used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Arduino blue control android application
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