Student-Project-Android Smart Ticketing Using RFID-Android Projects

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Android Smart Ticketing Using RFID-Android Projects

Price: ₹6,799


This is an advanced Ticketing System making it easier for the commuter to travel in the bus and the driver to keep exact records of the passengers. This System has the potential of letting the admin know where the bus is exactly andhow many passengers are travelling on the bus with their details. On the Passenger’s point of view this system makes is easier for them to travel as they need not use cash for tickets and the fare is automatically deducted from their account as the system calculates the start and the end point. In scenarios where the passengers wallet i.e. his account has insufficient funds the system will alert the driver with a Beep or Buzz Alert when the RFID is scanned. The Passenger should physically collect the RFID card from the Bus Department and the password for the app will be emailed to them. The Account can be recharged using Debit or credit card or it can be done at Bus Departments

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