Student-Project-Arduino Based Automatic Plant Watering System

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Arduino Based Automatic Plant Watering System

Price: ₹7,899


The Soil Moisture Sensor in this Plant Watering System examines the moisture level in the soil, and if it is low, the Arduino turns on a water pump to deliver water to the plant. When the device detects sufficient moisture in the soil, the water pump shuts off automatically. When the system turns the pump on or off, a message is delivered to the user through the Wifi Module, updating the condition of the water pump and soil moisture. This approach is particularly beneficial in farms, gardens, and homes, among other places. This system is totally automated, and no human involvement is required.

Material used

  • Arduino Uno
  • ESP8266 Module
  • Transistor BC547 (2)
  • Connecting wires
  • 16×2 LCD (optional)
  • Power supply 12v 1A
  • Relay 12v
  • Water cooler pump
  • Soil Moisture Sensor 
  • Resistors (1k, 10k)
  • Variable Resister (10k, 100k)
  • Terminal connector
  • Voltage Regulator IC LM317
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