Student Project Automatic Fire Rescue System using IoT

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Automatic Fire Rescue System using IoT

Price: ₹7,299


In the event of a fire, the fire rescue system gives entire assistance to lonely households. There are numerous lonely households within 5 kilometres of one other in India, and they do not have the option of seeking assistance from others. During such moment, our project assists in relaying an alert or message to nearby fire stations. As part of our project, we may use the NodeMcu microcontroller to add sensors that will alert the local fire station. The sensors will have a preset threshold, and if the temperature rises beyond that level, an alert will sound. When the alarm goes off, a notification is sent to the local fire station. When the sensor sends the detected data to the NodeMcu, the data is uploaded.

Hardware used

  • NodeMcu ESP8266
  • Fire sensor
  • Smoke sensor

Software used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C
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