Student Project Automatic Street Light Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement Using Arduino

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Automatic Street Light Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement Using Arduino

Price: ₹7,999


Electric street lighting has provided a sense of security and independence from risk or danger, yet Street lights in town centres, traffic signals, and pedestrian crossings remain illuminated throughout the night. This level of illumination is unnecessary since it provides no value to the community. The continuous ON condition of a street light results in electricity waste. In any event, analysing the failure of street lighting in all locations is becoming increasingly challenging. Crime will become more prevalent in these circumstances. We examined these issues in our suggested project effort.

This project’s work consists of a collection of measuring stations in the street (one station in each lamppost) and a neighbouring base station. The measurement stations are used to monitor street circumstances such as daylight intensity and, based on the conditions, turn on or off the lighting. As a result, each bulb is designed to be self-contained in terms of light activation. The base station also checks to see whether any lamps are working properly and communicates the information to the operator, who will respond in the event of a problem.

Hardware used

  •  Arduino
  •   IR Sensor
  •   LDR Sensor
  •   PIR sensor
  •   Lighting system
  •   Power supply
  •   WiFi module 

Software used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C
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