Student Project Development of GSM Based Advanced Alert Home Locker Safety

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Development of GSM Based Advanced Alert Home Locker Safety

Price: ₹6,499


Most of the house people are taking almanacks and safeguard lockers in homes to provide security to their important belongings. However, they continued to run the lock and key system manually, without providing any notification to the user when theft occurred by breaking them. As a result, an effort has been made to design an advanced alert home security system with fingerprint and password verification to open or shut the door system, as well as to send a message if any miss action is conducted by others using GSM Technology with smart mobile. The current technology provides superior protection for all types of residences, and it is also relatively inexpensive, making it affordable to everybody. The system was built, installed, and tested satisfactorily tested in our laboratory and we found that its working is satisfactory.

Hardware used

  • Arduino Uno
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • Motor Driver
  • GSM Module

Software used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C
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