Student Project Docking System For Recharging Surveillance Robots

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Docking System For Recharging Surveillance Robots

Price: ₹9,999


It is now simple to retain a guard outside the house for home security. However, we cannot always rely on guards. In other circumstances, people will lock themselves out of their homes for extended periods of time. Criminals can utilise this type of service, causing troubles for the house owner as well. This project is intended for in-home monitoring. The robot has been automatically recharged for continued observation. This robotic part is powered by an LPC2148 with a CMOS camera and a human detection sensor. as well as another docking area with a wireless power transfer mechanism for charging the robot IEEE 802.15.4 is used for communication between the robot and the monitoring device.

This presence of human can be determined by the thermal heat radiation from the object and this interrupt will wake up the camera. In order to cover the entire room , the robot module can able to turn in various angle with manual and automatic control. Under the absence of human the processor will keep the camera in the sleep mode. The technique is followed in the project to reduce the energy consumption of robot. In this project the robotic unit can be charged using wireless power transmission method. Ultrasonic signal confirms the robot that it is in power transmission region. This project uses the Matlab platform for the image visualization.


Hardware used

  • ARM 7  Processor
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • PIR senosr
  • CMOS camera
  • Zigbee
  • Display unit

Software used

  • Keil
  • Flash magic
  • orcad
  • Proteus
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