Embedded & IoT Master Class

Embedded System - IOT Master class for FREE

About the Course

It’s 30 days course and is designed for learners to completely understand the Embedded and IoT systems in a practical way with a real-time approach and we used basic English to betterment for every learner to understand the concept. We have approached every video delivering high-value in-depth knowledge to learners and in some videos, we have used Hardware to teach some concepts, so if you have a requirement for any Hardware kindly contact us for the product and this course is completely Free for certain period days so quickly sign-up and enriches your knowledge of Embedded and IoT systems.

What you will learn?

✔ Day1: Overview of this course | Basic of Embedded Engineering | Hardware and Software Integration

✔ Day2: Types of Communication protocols

✔ Day3: Practical learnings of communication protocols with sensors and display

✔ Day4: Electronics components | Different Types of Semiconductors

✔ Day5: Building your own Circuits


✔ Day6: Detailed explanation of Relays and types, Switches, and sensors

✔ Day7: Detailed explanation of Arduino ide installation and tool handling

✔ Day8: Building a basic program with Arduino ide

✔ Day9: Practical Explanation of integration of sensors and relay with Arduino board

✔ Day10: Detailed explanation of 555 timers and it’s a circuit


✔ Day11: Practical explanation of 555 timer circuits

✔ Day12: Display | Different types of display

✔ Day13: Practical explanation of integration of 7segment display with Arduino board

✔ Day14: Practical explanation of Matrix display and Buzzer | Building your own calculator

✔ Day15: Practical explanation of IIC display and LCD with Arduino board


✔ Day16: Wireless Communication class-1

✔ Day17: Wireless Communication Class-2

✔ Day18: Practical explanation of Bluetooth communication with esp8266

✔ Day19: Practical explanation of Bluetooth communication with esp32 board

✔ Day20: Practical explanation of WIFI communication with esp8266


✔ Day21: Detailed explanation of HTTP protocols | internet | LAN

✔ Day22: Basic explanation of IoT and Applications

✔ Day23: IOT practical class-1

✔ Day24: Building own project with Esp8266 using HTTP

✔ Day25: Building own project to read the sensors data with ESP8266 using HTTP


✔ Day26: Detailed explanation of Cloud communication

✔ Day27: Practical explanation of cloud communication using firebase

✔ Day28: Home automation with RION application

✔ Day29: Home automation with the integration of RION application, google assistant, and Alexa

✔ Day30: Recalling complete course and project ideas

What you will learn?

📍 You get a course completed certificate after successfully completing the course

📍 You get a 30% Discount on our Advanced paid courses

📍 You get a 50% Discount on RION products

📍 You get a 20% Discount on Student & Mini Projects