Student Project Family Robot Using Arduino Uno and NodeMCU ESP8266

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Family Robot Using Arduino Uno and NodeMCU ESP8266

Price: ₹9,499


The sensor was employed in this system to monitor the residence. All sensor data is transferred to the IoT cloud, and the graphical representation of Thingspeak is shown. We used an Arduino Uno microcontroller and an esp8266 wifi module to upload the value to a Thingspeak cloud. Gas sensor, LDR sensor, ultrasonic sensor, metal sensor, fire sensor, DHT 11 sensor, and robot setup are all used in this project if there is an environmental problem in the home means the sensor detects the value and uploads it to the cloud gas sensor detects LPG leakage and LDR is used to measure light intensity The ultrasonic sensor is used to determine the robot’s distance. The metal sensor is discovered as a little piece of metal in the home, and if any fire occurs, the fire sensor detects and pump motor pump the water at the same value supplied to the IoT cloud. The DTH 11 sensor detects humidity and temperature levels in the house. In this project, forward, backward, left, and right side robots were also utilised.

Hardware used

  • Arduino Uno
  • NodeMcu esp8266
  • DHT 11 sensor
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Metal sensor
  • LDR sensor
  • Gas sensor
  • Fire sensor
  • Relay board
  • Pump motor
  • Robot setup

Software used

  • Arduino IDE
  • OrCAD Design
  • Thingspeak  application
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