Mini Project IOT Based LPG Gas Leakage Detecting Using ESP8266

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IOT Based LPG Gas Leakage Detecting Using ESP8266

Price: ₹2,599


The MQ sensor is used in this method to determine the level of gas leakage in each location. The gas sensor can detect Hydrogen Gas, Methane, LPG, smoke, Butane, Alcohol, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Ethanol, and other substances. This is all we are measuring in the common world, where ordinary people use LPG GAS only in their daily lives. As a result, we developed this method to determine the leakage level of gas. If the leakage level exceeds the threshold, the alert system should activate. The alert system consists of two special function emails and buzzers. This project is recommended for use at home, hotels, and so on.

Hardware used

  • ESP8266
  • MQ-6 LPG Gas Sensor
  • Buzzer
  • Voltage Regulator (AMS1117)
  • Capacitor (47µf and 0.1µf)
  • Push Button
  • Lithium Polymer battery
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