Student-Project-Solar Powered Smart LED Street Lighting System using ESP32

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Solar Powered Smart LED Street Lighting System using ESP32​

Price: ₹7,899


It is possible to meet the increased power demand by utilising renewable energy. The project’s goal is to present a way for adjusting street light illumination using sensors while utilising the least amount of electrical energy. When presence is detected, all adjacent street lights illuminate at their brightest setting; otherwise, they remain at the dim setting. LED bulbs must be used since they outperform traditional incandescent lamps in every manner. Massive energy savings are anticipated when combined with the Solar Smart LED Street Light System. A demonstration with a real-time prototype model comprising expenses and implementation technique has also been produced utilising the internet of things (IOT) to see real-time updates of street processing occur.

Hardware used

  • ESP32
  • IR sensor
  • LDR sensor
  • Solar Panel

Software used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C
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