Mini Project Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick using Arduino

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Ultrasonic Blind Walking Stick using Arduino

Price: ₹2,100


The microcontroller then processes this data and determines whether the obstacle is close enough. If the obstacle is not completely closed, the circuit will do nothing. If the obstacle is closed, the microcontroller sends a signal to a buzzer to sound. It also detects and sounds a unique buzzer when it detects water, alerting the blind. A bonus feature is that it allows the blind to see whether there is light or darkness in the room. This is accomplished primarily through the use of a wireless RF-based remote. When the blind man presses the remote button, a buzzer on the stick sounds, assisting the blind man in finding their stick. As a result, this system allows for obstacle detection while also serving as a finding stick for visually impaired people who become disoriented.

Hardware used

  • Arduino Uno
  • Buzzer
  • RF module
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Moisture Sensor
  • Light Sensor

Software used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C
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