Student Project Wireless relay control using Bluetooth

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Wireless relay control using Bluetooth

Price: ₹6,000


Bluetooth, Zigbee, or WI-FI wireless relay control application We have a variety of applications that make use of the relay control project. The system is based on an embedded system and can serve as a home security guard. It can be used to control your home’s electrical appliances. Bluetooth technology manages the wireless portion of the communication channel; it wirelessly transmits and receives data between these devices. It sends out received data and receives data to be sent to and from a host system via a host controller interface (HCI). Today, the most common host controller interface is either a UART or a USB. The entire system is less expensive, but it provides full-scale device control.

Hardware used

  • (8051 Evaluation Board)
  • Power Supply (9V Adaptor, 5V Adaptor)
  • Bluetooth Modules
  • Relay interface 

Software used

  • Programming Language: Embedded C
  • KEIL U Vision IDE
  • Flash magic
  • Orcad 16.3
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